Paid Positions

Please contact the office if you are interested. A docent is a tour guide and represents the Village. There are many types of docents.

Wedding Docent

Wedding Docents attend a one-hour rehearsal and open the Village for the two-hour wedding time, making sure that the wedding runs smoothly and within the guidelines set forth in the wedding contract. Wedding Docents are paid $55 per wedding.  These positions are currently filled.

Parking Attendant Docent

Parking Attendant Docents are used by Wedding Docents due to the wedding size, or if weddings are scheduled back-to-back. The Wedding Docent is responsible for obtaining his/her own Parking Attendant if they feel one is necessary. Some use them regularly and others don't.
They do not come to the rehearsal, but arrive before the beginning of the wedding to put out the signs and coordinate the parking and public visitors. Parking Attendant Docents are paid $25 per wedding.

Party Open & Close Docent

Party Open & Close Docents arrive at the time designated and open the building specified. They answer any questions and point out the restrooms, paper products, telephone, dumpster, and broom. They are there to make sure that the renter gets settled and follows the guidelines set forth in the Rental Contract. They come back at the time designated to close up. Party Open & Close Docents are paid $25 per Open and Close.  These positions are currently filled.