Archives and Research  

The Northville Historical Society welcomes you to utilize our Archives for your research. The Archives are open Monday and Tuesday, from 9 am to 1 pm. There is an on-site research fee of $10 per day for all non-Historical Society members. It may be beneficial to email us before your visit so we can make sure we have the materials you are looking for, but this step is not required. . Please see “rules for use” in this section for further information
The Archivist and Volunteers can perform research for you if needed. The fee is $24 per hour. ($6.00 at 15-minute increments). If you send an advance email we can give you an estimate of the total time that might be necessary. Often, we can perform research and answer questions with just 1 hour of time.

All Fees

The Northville Historical Society is not supported by tax dollars. Therefore, we must make every attempt to be self-supporting and we hope that all visitors understand this is why we must charge fees in the Archives. As always, donations above and beyond the required charges are truly appreciated.
  • Self-conducted research - $10 per visit to the archives for non-members. Members are free. We would be happy to assist a non-member in obtaining a membership
  • Research conducted by the Archivist and/or Volunteers: $24.00 per hour (estimates can be given before research begins)
  • Copies: $.25 for black and white. $1.00 for color
  • Photographs: $10 per image for an individual’s personal collection and use. $50 per image for commercial use: this includes, but is not limited to, display in businesses for decorative purposes and publication in professional materials 


Our genealogical research capabilities are excellent and we have professional genealogists on staff. We can do family research for you at our hourly rate listed above, with estimates provided prior to research. The ancestral information being requested does NOT need to be Northville related. We have access to many sources outside of our on-site archives. We have had several successes in being able to locate information the requester could not previously find. 

Reference Materials

This list reflects some of our more requested materials but is not comprehensive. Please email if you are looking for an item not listed.


  • Northville City Directories: 1895, 1927-35, ‘46, ’56, ‘58, ‘60, ‘68, ’70, ’75-’79, 2006-09

Publications by Northville area residents

  • Early Northville - by Laura Smyth Hixson
  • Northville: the First Hundred Years - by Jack W. Hoffman
  • Northville, Michigan - by Barbara G. Louie
  • Northville High School: A History
  • Northville Postcard Album - by Francis P. Gazlay
  • Step By Step Through Northville: Four Walking Tours - by Barbara G. Louie and Diane Rockall
  • This is Dr. Atchison - by Bill Sliger

Cemetery Records

Knapp, Oakwood, Rural Hill, Thayer, Waterford, Yerkes


Historical and current

Access to the Northville Record and other newspapers

Donor Boxes from Historic Northville Residents:

  • Pictures, photographs, advertising, memorabelia
  • Family histories
  • Correspondence
  • Journals

Records & Photos of old Northville Businesses

Oral history project:  
Audio tapes and transcriptions of interviews of over 90 Northville citizens

Additional Resources

  • Genealogy files by last name
  • Files for Northville homes by address
  • School Yearbooks and misc. school records and photos
  • Information on past Northville events
  • Information on Northville Social Clubs and other groups
  • Tax records (not all years and locations) as well as some city government records
  • Census Records 
  • Old Newspapers