Wash-Oak School Curriculum

To prepare for your experience at Wash-Oak School, this on-line Curriculum Guide offers suggestions to create an “old fashion” 19th-century schoolhouse experience.  It also includes a number of primary source documents that are aligned with the state’s Grade Level Content Expectations.

Table of Contents
Wash-Oak School Curriculum Guide
Created by the AAUW, Northville



2-13    “Education and the One Room Schoolhouse in Rural America”, Merkel, Heineman, Halsey, New Jersey, 1996    12 pages
14-18    “Education in Rural New Jersey”, Merkel, et al    
20-24    “Mill Race Quarterly” September, 1984  “Tenth Anniversary of MRHV”  Details the moving of building to Mill Race.
25-27    “History of Wash-Oak School”
28-29    “Wash-Oak School: Procedure and Rules”
30-33    Forms, Certificate, Evaluations
34-35    “Michigan Curriculum ca 1881”, adapted from Michigan State Superintendant, Varnum B. Cochran


2-4    A suggested set of lesson plans for grades K-6.
5    “Proposed Plan for Teaching Reading”, Varnum B. Cochran, State Superintendant of Instruction, 1881
7    “Daily Program…”, V B Cochran, 1881
9    Inventory list of artifact in Wash-Oak classroom
11-13    Student bibliography
14-15    Teacher bibliography
18    “Life in the Late 19th Century”
19-20    “Chronology: 1865-1900”  Northville and US
21    “The Rural School”
22-23    “Schools of Wayne County at an Early Date”, J. S. Tibbits speaks before the Wayne County Pioneer Society, April 21, 1874
24    “The Rural Teacher”
25    “The School of Manner” or “Rules of Children’s Behavior at School, Home and Church.”
27    “Words” 19th Century terms in common usage, that may be unfamiliar today
28    Chronology lesson.  Math story-problems.
29    Suggested activities prior to visiting Wash-Oak School.
31-50    Examples of typical 19th Century Crafts and Projects.


5    Drug Store article, May 11, 1934
6-30    The Northville Record.  Centennial Edition, July 17, 1969.  Devoted to the history of Northville.
6-11    David Clarkston, early settler.  Historical account published July, 1874 – March 3, 1878
12-16    Frank Harmon.  Published August 26, 1927
17    Northville census data, 1893.
18    “Slaves Hid in Northville Barn”
19-20    Sarah Ann Cochran  “She Traveled in Arms of Mother”
21-24    “Ford Brings ‘Village Industries’” and articles about other businesses in early Northville
25-26    “The Same Face But How It Has Changed”
27-30    “First Schoolhouse built of logs…” and other articles about Northville Schools
35-37    “Recess”  “Children’s Games”  “Mill Race Games”
38-41    “Games” Brief description of game rules from 18th and 19th Century
42-43    “Lunches” with recipes