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The Northville Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) organization supported exclusively by the generosity of our community members through membership fees and donations.  There are many ways in which you can show your support for the Northville Historical Society and Mill Race Historical Village through your tax-deductable donations.

Unrestricted Donation Categories:

($1 - $34) Crow’s Nesters
The Crow’s Nest, an elevated band stand at the intersection of Main and Center streets, was an iconic symbol of downtown Northville in the early 20th century.
($35 - $49) Cobblers & Coopers
Northville was a leader in 19th century boot and shoe making with more than 40 cobblers in its downtown; coopers kept the village in casks, barrels and buckets.
($50 - $74) Globe Trotters
The Globe Furniture Company was the worldwide leader in the manufacturing of school and church furniture; Trotters pays tribute to our harness racing heritage.
($75 - $124) Bell Ringers
American Bell and Foundry was an industry leader in the manufacturing of bells for schools, farms and churches.
($125 - $249) Fish Hatchers
Northville boasted the nation’s first federal fish hatchery with millions of fish shipped throughout the world.
($250 - $499) Rail Riders
The Flint and Pere Marquette rail line roared into Northville in 1871 followed by the electric streetcar — known as the interurban — in 1899.
($500 and above) The Circle Ns

NHS Donation Categories:

Endowment Fund

The Northville Historical Society provides an Endowment Fund for those wishing to make a lasting gift to help preserve the heritage and history of Northville. Please consider us when making a bequest through your will, or a memorial donation as a lasting tribute to a friend or relative.
A general donation to the Northville Historical Society goes into our general fund to support the operation of Mill Race Village and the society.