Photography Policy

Photography Policy - Northville Historical Society - Pic_WeddingPhotography The Northville Historical Society, the non-profit, volunteer organization that operates and finances the Village, has instituted this policy because of overuse and abuse of the Village in the past. This policy requires that professional photographers or videographers who wish to take photos or videos on the grounds of Mill Race Village complete and sign a contract, provide a copy of insurance naming both the City of Northville and the Northville Historical Society as additional insureds and pay a Yearly Fee of $500 or a One-Day fee of $125 for non-Northville Historical Society Members, or $100 for members. Complete applications are due at least one week in advance before the requested photography session can take place. Please make note of our limited office hours.
The Village will continue to be closed to the public during weddings held at Mill Race. In addition, professional photographers/videographers are not permitted to shoot on the Village grounds on Sundays, between 1:00pm - 4:00pm when the Village is open to the public, or during any other Historical Society special public event.
After signing the contract and paying the fee, you will be sent a MRV Photographers Badge that must be worn and displayed whenever you are on the grounds of the Village shooting photographs. You will also receive an electronic calendar listing all the weddings and events that close the Village for the current year.  This is regularly updated. In addition, we will also give your contact information to parties renting the Village for weddings and we list your contact information on our website under "Permitted photographers". 

Professional Photographer/Videographer Policy

Full Year Permits:
Professional photographers and videographers must sign a yearly contract, pay a yearly fee, and provide an insurance certificate naming the Northville Historical Society and the City of Northville as additional insureds, in order to take photos or videos at Mill Race Village. This applies to all Photographers/Videographers who charge a fee, use our image for marketing purposes or sell their images in any way, or anyone with equipment other than just a camera (umbrella, props, etc.). The fee is $500 per year, payable at time of application, and renewable each January. If the contract is signed after August 31 in any calendar year, the fee for the remainder of that calendar year is $250. The photography permit fee is non-refundable. The permit must be applied for and payment made prior to any photography sessions. The Permit Badge must be worn at all times when on the premises. If the Permit Badge is lost, there is a $50 replacement fee. Photographers and their clients will be asked to leave the grounds if they do not have a permit. City of Northville Police will be called if necessary.
Professional Photographers/Videographers who sign the contract and pay the fee will receive:
  • Notification by email of all weddings and events that close the Village to visitors. This information will not be available to the general public or photographers who do not pay the fee.
  • Will be included on our Vendor List given to couples being married at Mill Race Village.
  • A listing on our website as a photographer with a permit to aid those interested in having professional photographs on the Village grounds.
One Day Permits:
A one-day Photography Pass is also available for a fee of $125 for non-Northville Historical Society members and $100 for members. Membership is open to all, you do not need to be resident of Northville to join and support the Village!  Arrangements must be made at least one week in advance of the session with the Historical Society Office. A completed contract,  an insurance certificate naming the Northville Historical Society and the City of Northville as additional insureds, and payment of a one day permit fee must be complete in order to take photos or videos at Mill Race Village.  A one-day pass will be issued and must be worn when on the grounds during the photo shoot.

Commercial Photographers with 2018 Permits

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