Mill Race Bells-new sounds in the Village

This spring the New School Church was having a water intrusion problem that seemed to be coming from the bell tower.  Frank and Bob, Stone Gang Volunteers were asked to see if they could locate the water problem. They did find about 100 pounds of debris collected in the tower.  Cleaning it out and fixing the leak only led to the question-Why isn’t there a bell in the bell tower? The answer was that we had bells. Stored in the basement of Hunter house.  But putting a bell in the tower was not on a priority list...Frank and Bob made it a priority and put up one of the smaller bells. (There is a story of this first bell falling over when the rope was pulled.)  Now there are two bells in the tower with two ropes to pull. Frank and Bob hope to put a third bell in the tower. This last bell is large and weighs approximately 300 pounds. Just another challenge for the Stone Gang.

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