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Observations on a Winter's Day

While walking into work today I wondered what it would have been like 190 years ago if I was a weary and cold traveler arriving for a stay at the Cady Inn. I would like to say that I regularly appreciate where I work, but it wouldn’t be true. Most days I walk into the office thinking of my to do list: calls to be made, contracts to be written, issues to be managed. Sometimes, I forget to look up and appreciate the view.

The pandemic has forced us to slow down. Less time with friends and family translates to spending more time alone and opportunity for introspection. Many of us live our lives on autopilot; we have our routines and we go through our day without taking the time to appreciate our surroundings. Living in a metropolitan area, we rarely get a chance to get outdoors and experience silence. As I walked into the Village on a winter morning, I had a moment where the crunch of snow under my boots was amplified, and I realized it was the only sound to be heard. Instead of heading directly into the Cady Inn, I wandered through the Village and took 5 minutes to appreciate the beauty around me.

I hope readers will do that same. Take the road less traveled! Take some time, whether it’s just 5 minutes driving home a different way, taking a winter stroll through your neighborhood or coming to visit us at Mill Race Villa

ge and appreciating a stroll through history.

--Jennifer Luikart, Business Director



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