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Sponsor a Special Duck in the 2109 Annual Northville Duck Race

This year the 31st Annual Northville Duck Race will be held on Sunday September 15 in Mill Race Village. Duck sales begin at 11 am on the day outside the General Store in Mill Race Village, and the race itself begins with a ceremony at the Gazebo at around 3 pm. This event is one of the highlights of the Northville community year. In addition to being entertaining, and a focus of activity for the weekend, the race also raises a modest amount of money that goes toward the upkeep of Mill Race Village, and funding further events in the community.


The Duck Race comes at the end of a full day of historical activities at the Village including children’s crafts, a cake walk, Victorian children’s games, a Victorian tea, tours of our historic buildings and many other family games and activities. The Duck Race itself typically attracts upward of 500 people from Northville and the surrounding areas, and far more than that visit the village during the weekend. We are hoping to grow this event, and this year, with the enthusiastic support of the Heritage Festival organizers, we are sure that more people than ever will be drawn to the activities.


This year for the first time,  we are offering local businesses an opportunity to participate in this wonderfully quirky community event in a way that adds to our resources, and also adds to the fun.