The Northville Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer organization responsible for the financing and operation of Mill Race Village and preservation of the Northville Archives.

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The Weavers' Cottage

This Greek Revival Victorian Cottage was built in 1889 on North Center Street. The building was used as residential housing until it was posed with demolition in 1976, when it was moved to the village by the Mill Race Weavers’ Guild. The Weavers’ Guild is a club formed in 1974 for people that enjoy weaving. They were previously meeting in the New-School Church, but when the cottage was donated to Mill Race they quickly restored the building. The Weavers’ Guild currently uses the cottage as a studio, to hold meetings and teach classes on weaving.

Weavers' Cottage

Built: 1889

Usage: Residential home

Where: North Center Street

Architecture: Greek Revival

Donated: 1976