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Publications for Sale

Prices include sales tax. Shipping and Handling is an additional $4 per order.

Please call 248-348-1845 with a credit card, or mail a check, made out to the Northville Historical Society, to:


Northville Historical Society

Attn: Book Chair

215 Griswold St.

Northville, MI 48167

Also available: Mill Race Note Cards - Set of 12 assorted with envelopes for $10. 

Northville...The First Hundred Years - 4th Printing
First Hundred.jpg

Author: Jack Hoffman

Copyright: 2005

Pages: 433

Binding: Soft cover

Price: $15.00

Description: History and Historical Photos from 1800s to early 1900s.


Welcome to Historic Mill Race Village... We Saved it for You!

Author: Francis Pershing Gazlay

Copyright: 2005

Pages: 39

Binding: Stapled Book

Price: $5.00

Description: Many photos and history of the making of Mill Race Village, an 11-acre site housing local buildings with historic and architectural value that have been saved and moved.

Northville: The Ideal Suburban Village

Author: Eagle Steam Printing & Engraving

Copyright: 1892

Pages: 32

Binding: Stapled Booklet

Price: $3.00

Description: A reproduction of a book published in 1892 as an advertising brochure to lure people from the city. It describes and pictures the businesses, schools, and cultural groups of that time.

“This is Dr. Atchison"

Author: Bill Sliger

Copyright: 2000

Pages: 48

Binding: Bound Soft Cover

Price: $10

Description: The stories of an amazing man who, at 90 years of age, was still holding office hours and making house calls.

Early Northville - 2nd ed.

Author: Laura Smyth Hixson

Copyright: 1986

Pages: 120

Binding: Stapled Booklet

Price: $10.00

Description: Photographs with brief identifications of the people, buildings and businesses in Northville's history (including a centerfold landscape photo of the four corners of downtown Northville c. 1915). 

Town One South - Northville Poems

Author: Kathleen Ripley Leo

Copyright: 1988

Pages: 72

Binding: Bound Soft Cover

Price: $2.00

Description: Poems and drawings inspired by the history and stories of Northville taken from the time the first settlers ventured to the northern section of “town one south, range eight east”, as this city and township were originally designated, to today. Drawings by Allen Berlinski.

Step by Step Through Northville: Four Walking Tours

Authors: Barbara G. Louie & Diane Rockall

Copyright: 1989

Pages: 64

Binding: Stapled Book

Price: $5.00

Description: Pictures and descriptions of buildings and homes in the Historic District, Bealtown, Orchard Heights, Cabbage Town and Points of Interest.

Greetings from Northville - A Postcard Album

Author: Francis P. Gazlay

Copyright: 1999

Pages: 28 (112 postcards)

Binding: Stapled Book

Price: $5.00

Description: Reproductions of vintage postcards depicting Northville landmarks from early 1900s to 1980s.

Images of America: Northville

Author: Michele M. Fecht

Copyright: 2010

Pages: 127

Binding: Soft Cover

Price: $15.00

Description: Using images from the Northville Historical Society's archives and other 

collections, author Michele Fecht offers a visual history of the people, places and events that shaped Northville's history.

The Salem Train Wreck of 1907
Salem Train Wreck of 1907.jpg

Creators: Al Smitley and Fred Shadko

Copyright: 2008

Minutes: 111

Format: DVD

Price: $10

Description: Early on a pleasant summer morning in 1907, several hundred employees of the Pere Marquette Railroad Shops of Ionia, Michigan, boarded an eleven-coach train with friends and relatives for their annual company outing to Detroit. The story of how light hearts turned heavy with grief is woven into the fabric of early 20th century life.

A Window on our Past

Author:  Pat Allen;  Linda Last;  Tillie Van Sickle

Copyright: 2014, Northville Historical Society

Pages: 81

Binding: Spiral

Price: $10.00

Description: Photographs, newspaper articles, and documents from Northville Historical Society's first fifty years. This book highlights events, fund raisers, and projects which have helped to fund the maintenance and expansion of Mill Race Village.

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