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Making an Artifact Donation

** Please email our archivist, Wendy Mutch, to inquire about donating items. **

As the Northville Historical Society we only accept donations to be held in our permanent collection if they relate directly to Northville history. An example of these items might be; artifacts made in Northville, items belonging to prominent or long-time Northville residents and items used in Northville that of are of a historical nature such as old business signs, city memorabilia etc. If you feel you have an item that fits this criteria, or have questions about whether your item meets the criteria, please fill out the form below and we will be happy to respond to you with an answer about accepting your item. If you have non-Northville related items that you would like to donate for the purposes of benefiting the Northville Historical Society through fund raising, these items can be donated on Tuesdays from 9-1 and will be placed in our General Store or Annual Garage Sale.


* Indicates required questions

Please complete the following form as thoroughly as possible.

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