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New School Church

Built in 1845 in Salem Township by a splinter group of the Presbyterian Church of Northville, it served as a church for only four years. Later, it was used as a school, a township hall, a Salvation Army barracks and as Northville’s library. In 1891 it was returned to the building's original owner, Mary Lapham. Mary was an active member in the Northville Woman's Club, and the building was used to host their meetings, and Northville’s first public library. When it was scheduled for demolition, in order to save the historical site the Northville Woman's Club rallied together and formed the Northville Historical Society.

The Northville Historical Society was formed in 1964 to save this building from demolition. It was donated to the Society and moved to the Village in 1972. It is available to rent for weddings, parties, and meetings.

New School Church

2018-07-29 101.jpg

Built: 1845

Usage: Presbyterian church

Where: 168 East Main Street

Architecture: Greek Revival

Donated: 1972

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