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Another Hysterical Halloween at Mill Race Village

Beautiful weather and high “spirits” combined to produce a fun-packed Halloween Hysteria for

2019. Bells tolled from all over Mill Race announcing the start of the festivities. Nearly two-hundred-fifty children, with adults in tow, scampered from building to building taking part in the many activities offered by enthusiastic volunteers. Fortune tellers predicting tasty riches to come, frozen princesses animating to return a blown kiss from a passing, wide-eyed child, and our own Ichabod Crane’s rendering of the “Legend of Sleepy Hollow” in the Wash Oak School (assisted by the Northville District Library) provided a variety of contrasting events for our guests to enjoy. Witches at the Yerkes house passed out treats as did scarecrows and a very friendly Panda at the Weaver’s Cottage while across the street in the Hunter house our Demented Dentist advised young revelers in the wisdom of good oral hygiene. A maze that covered the greenspace knoll challenged the young ones who were awarded with

a Q-tip skeleton, some assembly required. Crafts (provided by the Northville Art House) and games were in the Church whereas a selfie-station and historical exhibit found their homes at the Hirsch. Delicious refreshments were served at the Cady to revelers at the end of their stay.



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