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Lecture Series: Northville's Historic Neighborhoods - Mayor Brian Turnbull

On January 29, 2020 Northville's Mayor, Brian Turnbull, gave a lecture on Northville's History and Historic Neighborhoods to a full house in the New School Church. Once again, Mayor Turnbull packed the New School Church! He spoke about Northville's Historic neighborhoods and how they got their names. From the Historic District to Orchard Heights, the neighborhood west of Rogers Street and south of Main to 7 Mile, where an orchard once stood, to Bealtown, the neighborhood behind the racetrack and finally to Cabbagetown, the neighborhood south of 8 mile and east of Center Street. Brian brings history to life with his family stories about the people and places that made Northville what it is today.

Our lectures are free to the public, we only ask that you register online, so we can have an idea of how many plan to attend. In case you were unable t

o attend, Fred Shadko was kind enough to record the lecture for us to share. We will be adding a link to watch the lecture shortly.

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John Eaton
John Eaton
19. Juni 2021

has a link been made yet? would be interested as my great-grandparents (Levi M. Eaton) played a role in Orchard Heights.

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