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The Interurban gets a face-lift

Thanks to a grant from the Northville Community Foundation, our team of enthusiastic volunteers has been giving the Interurban a much-needed face-lift.

Built in the late 1800s at Haggerty and Baseline (Eight Mile) roads, this building was moved to the Village in 1990. It served as the waiting room for the Farmington Line’s high-speed electric transit system that ran through Northville from 1898 to the late 1920s and was part of a much larger transit system.

When finished, the Interurban will have been re-roofed, the walls re-conditioned, and building re-painted inside and out.  When the completed building is debuted later this year, it will include an interactive component to provide a hands-on element to aid in learning about its workings and history. 

[ Ed Gabrys fine detail painting trim; Mike DeFrancesco & Ed Flayer, survey final paint work to Interurban; New cedar roof replacement was first phase of the restoration project; Jim Murtfeldt  works on the fine detail painting of the glass panes Interurban door; Dave Urbahns caught painting trim on Interurban; Michael Stasevich & Paul Hinz tandem duo on interior window panes of Interurban; Ed Flayer handily places the finishing touches to the new roof; Jim Murtfeldt enlists fellow Stone Gang Member Charlie Smith as they add finishing touches to the interior of the Interurban door]



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